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IT Installations & Network Management

From a complete office setup or a change to your existing infrastructure, The Computerstore can make it happen.

Our IT experts will design and build the IT infrastructure that’s a perfect fit for your business – and because we’ve been organising IT installations for years, we know how to deliver on time and on budget.

Investing in IT is one of the most significant decisions for your business, so it makes sense to work with an IT provider that takes the time to understand you. But for us, as successful installation isn’t the end of the journey; it’s merely the end of the beginning. We’ll be with you for as long as you need us, making sure that the installation we delivered keeps doing what you need it to do.

IT installations range from the setup and install of desktop computers, laptops, servers, by way of complete networking solutions, to audio visual and telecommunication services. It doesn’t matter to us; we can provide the solutions you need.

We work in harmony with clients to ensure that what they need is what they get, and that the solutions we develop achieve maximum business benefit. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach, so each and every client gets a fully-bespoke solution.

One thing that doesn’t change is the high standard of personal and expert advice and support we’ll provide, from concept and initial design to managing the installation and all the relevant aftercare you need.



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Network Administration

The monitoring of all network resources, including, but not limited to, transmission lines, hubs, switches, routers and servers, and making sure software or application updates are completed promptly to sustain network’s performance.

Network Operation

This is about being thorough and proactive when monitoring network performance and activity. Network Operation identifies and fixes issues on a network before they can become problems and disrupt normal operation.

Network Maintenance

Maintenance, repairs, and upgrades have to be done within the appropriate timeframes. Perhaps it’s a standard upgrade, or fine tuning to prevent issues on the network.

Network Provisioning

Setting up a network to deliver particular services or requirements unique to your business. Perhaps you need to increase broadband services to allow more users, or you need to incorporate new functions, such as voice activation. That’s Provisioning.

Cloud Services 

A cloud solution is any IT accessed through the internet rather than your company’s own servers. The cloud has been created to provide easy access to applications, resources, and services fully managed by a cloud services provider.


Cyber Security  

We can supply intrusion prevention technology that provides real-time protection against all network threats, as well as providing the latest and most advanced filtering systems and anti-spam systems direct from our privately-owned duel data centres.

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