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Making IT Simple! Only £19.00 A Month 

Help Desk Support

We guarantee efficient and effective support and customer service from our Technical Support Engineers on the Service Desk.

All the team follows certain standards to deliver the best service possible…..

To get in touch simply make a call on 0121 250 0015) or simply drop us an email message & we endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.


All This For Only £19.00 Per Month  

Onsite Support  

In the event that a problem is discovered remotely, but cannot be resolved off-site, our dedicated Technical Engineers will travel to the site your server is located, and resolve the issue.

Your support contract with us covers all on-site appointments, labour and but not hardware – so you have simple peace of mind that you’re covered.

24/7 Remote Monitoring 

With 24/7 Remote Monitoring, your network and device will constantly be monitored to ensure that everything runs exactly as it should.

In the event of a system error, our engineers will be immediately notified and will be able to fix the issue, before you are even aware or are affected by the problem

Internet Security 

You will be installed with one of our effective protection with our best antivirus software for added security.

Whether you run a Windows PC, Mac, Android or Linux – or a mixture of operating systems we will protect them all with our award-winning cyber-security suite.

Word Processing 

As part of your package you have the option of having installed our unquie office application package.

Enabling you to create documnets, spreedsheets & much more….

Remote Support 

We understand the importance of your IT systems’ stability and the urgency that any issues with your system are resolved imminently.

The remote support services that we offer allows our Technical Support Team to access your computers off-site and enable them to locate any problems with your system and resolve them as quickly as possible.

Cloud Backup 

Automatically backs up your photos, documents, music, and videos to our secure UK data centres.

Backup is like a mirror of your computer files, if you add or edit a file, the same will happen on cloud.

We keep up to 30 previous versions of edited files, making sure if you accidentally save an unwanted edit you can revert the change quickly.

Full System Service

Your device on support will receive a full system service per year, if requested. Looking into potential problems i.e. malware infections, operating system error messages…. or in fact anything that affects the machine’s normal operation.


Software Included: 



Internet Security 

Cloud Backup 





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